Is Social-Lingo murdering the English Language?

Is Social-Lingo murdering the English Language?

13:23 01 August in Uncategorized

I can haz ignlish, yes? Its called the internetz, not ignlish class! Wahts the prblm wit taking lyk dis?

Translation: The internet is a free forum, not some sort of proper classroom where grammar and spelling matter. So what’s the big deal, anyway?

Here’s some more:


Everyone in the world has heard of “Grammar Nazis” and there are thousands upon thousands of threads and pictures dedicated solely to the correction of other people’s mistakes.





It is quite funny! But why are people talking like this in the first place?

Sometimes it’s lack of education, but even college graduates in western countries make these sort of mistakes. So maybe it has more to do with expressing a certain attitude, sounding cool or just not caring about the little details. This is especially true for those who don’t speak English as a first language.


The changing of the English language, btw, isn’t anything new!

In fact, English is historically one of the most versatile languages. See if you can understand any of this Old English text from Beowulf:


It doesn’t make much sense – just like internet English doesn’t make much sense.

But how much is too much?


So is the English language evolving, or just being murdered? Your choice!


Just remember that when it comes to companies, professional branding and credibility – nothing can be worse than a grammar mistake or a misspelling. It automatically makes whatever you’re trying to say sound unprofessional. The only few exceptions are when you’re going for an urban colloquial feel. Just don’t overdo it!