Mashable’s #1Connection #Fail or #Win


Mashable’s #1Connection #Fail or #Win

13:52 30 June in Social Media means Business

Happy Social Media Day!

At AddBloom, we’re super excited about today. If we’re not celebrating today, then who is? (PS. feel free to join us at Chili’s for a social media fiesta!).

Social Media Day #SMDay, coined, created and promoted by the one and only Mashable – has been a thing for the past 5 years. Unlike National Cupcake Frosting Day, this is legit. Social media enthusiasts around the World meet up and celebrate the digital revolution.

This year, they launched a hashtag campaign. #1connection.

On Social Media Day, follow one user who tweets the hashtag #1connection. Join us and expand your network by one to be part of a global movement.

All you have to do is tweet #1connection and hope that, as the hashtag suggests, you gain a new connection. It’s basically the professional, not-so-sleazy version of Instagram’s #followforfollow or #likesforlikes.

For those who frequently read Mashable, #1connection might be a good opportunity to connect to fellow readers. But at a current total of 97 tweets, #1connection might not trend as much as it could have. I would love to meet fellow readers around the globe, would they like to meet me?

The Mashable readership is impressive (and includes our entire office). If we all take one #1connection, we could make some worthwhile online acquaintances that could blossom into much, much more.

On our clock – there’s approximately 8 hours until SMDay is over. That’s plenty of time in the digital world … Will #1connection make it to the Trends sidebar on Twitter?

Let’s find out.