FoodPorn Looks SO Different Around the World

FoodPorn Looks SO Different Around the World

08:49 04 February in Put That On Insta

Ever noticed that the most popular Instagram foodie accounts we’re all following are based in LA or New York?

I think that’s a shame, because capital food is never all that wholesome. It’s a cool infusion of everything under the sun, but let’s get a wider taste.

For a savory, oh-so-delightful trip around the World, here are the accounts you want to be following.

The French

Lilys Kitchen Book Instagram

No baguettes impose on this account. Her captions are in French for that extra oomph. Recipes are handy. Francophiles, head over to @lilyskitchenbook.

La Bella Vita

Eating Italy on Instagram

If you’re following the Olive Garden, you can go ahead and close this tab now. Otherwise, follow @eatingitaly. Better yet, head over to Expedia and book your trip to Florence, it’s low season (just a penne for your thoughts).

The Middle Eastern Feast

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 11.32.30 AM

We all love Middle Eastern Cuisine. @thecarton, the Instagram dedicated to the publication The Carton, will drastically amplify that. Sadly, not one hummus photo was found.

The Southern Hospitality

the local palate

@thelocalpalate claims its the South’s premiere food culture publication, and we’re not going to argue. There’s lots of dough, and lots of drink recipes. Both local and international palates will be happy with @thelocalpalate.

The English Delight

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 1.04.10 PM
@topwithcinnamon is possibly the reason the #FoodPorn hashtag was dubbed. I suggest tea, scones, and great a posture as you browse her feed. To top it all of – she’s 18.


plus5u on Instagram
If you look beyond the sushi, you’ll find Asami, the girl behind @plus5u. Don’t expect to find any familiar Japanese foods here, just a realistic food journey in the land of the rising sun.

The Globe-Trotter

girl eat world

Ever watched Amélie ? Remember the travelling gnome prank? If Amélie was on IG, her account would be very similar to @girleatworld.

Didn’t follow @girleatworld last year? Here’s your chance to atone.

Veggie Land

With Food And Love Instagram
She’s training to be a plant-based chef, and we’re sure she’ll be a darn good one at that. If not, we have a hunch she’d be a great plant-based photographer. In fact, she already is. Sherrie, the woman behind @withfoodandlove.


…And I’m off to munch!