Digital Advertising to account for 1 in 4 ad-dollars by 2016


Digital Advertising to account for 1 in 4 ad-dollars by 2016

07:32 01 July in Social Media means Business

Digital advertising has been increasing since the advent of the internet, and with the rapid growth of social media and the popularity of social networking, these numbers have skyrocketed over the past few years.

The worldwide digital ad spending is expected to reach an unprecedented $137.53 by the end of 2014, which is a 14.8% increase from 2013. There’s more! At its current growth rate, taking into consideration changes in percent increase per year, digital will account for 25.9 percent of all worldwide advertising by 2016. That’s one in four ad dollars and an overall budget of $163-billion. By 2018, the total media spending will reach $656.3 billion!

While it is true that North America and Europe are the biggest investors in this online marketing scheme, new markets in Asia and Latin America are on the rise. On the other hand, the Middle East and North Africa have been slow to catch the online advertising craze, accounting for only 7% of the worldwide ad spending. That’s still a considerable $7-billion dollars! The good news is that this percentage is expected to double by 2016.

We at AddBloom are optimistic, as more and more marketing and brand managers are realizing the importance of digital marketing as an integral part of client-based communication. Digital marketing, especially when delivered through social media and networking, is a sustainable relationship-building tool that fosters brand loyalty and a strong fan base. Our optimism is well founded, as most current clients and partners have doubled their ad spending and expanded their digital advertising budget over the past year. AddBloom has also been receiving a considerably higher number of requests from all kinds of industries that are new to digital but determined to join the growing market. That said taking advantage of the new global trend early on would give any company in the MENA region an added advantage, especially if competing in the global market.